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Radiant Garden

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June 12th, 2010

08:23 pm - Why is remembering him so hard?
Who: Kairi
What: Upset because she can't remember Sora
Summary: She's wracking her brain for any sign of rememberence whatsoever about Sora.
Warnings: Absolutely none.

Ugh......Why can't you remember someone you knew after only 3 years? Why can't you remember someone you knew, if you thought about them for 3 years after they left? Ugh! You know what I mean.
I get up noislessly, and check my laptop for any ims. No message. Not from Riku, or the other boy. Wait--one from Selphie. It said:
                                                         Dear Kairi,
                                                                            Last day of school was so great!
                                                                Don't you think?
                                                            Hey, how come you never go down to the islands anymore?
                                                         Whenever I ask if you want to, you shew my away with a sad expression on your face.
                                                      I asked you today and you snapped at me! What is up with you???
                                                                                        Luv ya!
Its hard to hide your feelings from Selphie, I know that one. I love her, but she wears me out sometimes. She's always optimistic, hyper, or something like that. She's nice, but when your down she wants to pick you up, when all you want is someone to cry with. If that boy were here.......If I could remember him.......what would Riku say? I sigh. Riku....................
Yes?   "Agh!!" Oh, god. I must be going crazy emotionally, or something. I've never been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and I don't see things that aren't there occasionally either.  Hello? I ask the voice. If I'm going crazy, I might as well at least cure my boredom. Kairi??? I giggle because only I would know my name....unless they were a stalker.......The voice sounded familiar. It was a boy. Wait---Riku??? It could be.....Yes. Kairi, tell me what's going on. Please. Where are you? he asked. Destiny Islands. Where else am I gonna go? I giggle, knowing this must be a joke, or something. Kairi, take this seriously. I know you used to laugh at me all the time...but, that was long ago. No jokes. 'Kay? I frown. Maybe my mind is right. This is real. Riku, why can't we laugh and hang out like we used to anymore? That's you.....well, it was you. I sigh. Stubborn Riku, as always. Because I don't know where I am! Kairi, the connection's running low. I have to--I'll----I'm always with you! "Ow!" I lay on the floor. I moan. What was that? He snapped out of my mind and I flew back 20 feet and hit the wall.....maybe I'm not crazy......

"Kairi!" Someone emerged from inside of me. She looked just like me.....except her hair was blond and she waore a white dress and sandles with little yellow flowers on them. She smiled at me and helped me up. "Riku needs help from you too." I nodded slowly, as the world slurred around me. "Go!" She told me in a faint whisper. I nodded, and got dressed.
Ugh. I realized something--I was still wearing the same clothes I had 3 years ago: purple skirt, white and purple shirt and the purple shoes with the accesories. They were too short for me....wayyy too short. If Riku were here he would feel awkward around me. I grabbed my new outfit I bought with my mom Saturday. It was a pink zipper-dress with tie on pink shoes and bracelets and my necklace. I couldn't help but notic out of the corner of my eye--a picture of me 3 years ago in my old outfit. When it fit. My hair had grown out more. I looked the same in the face...but that was long ago. I nodded to the girl that told me to go. I whispered, "I'll go, alright. I have to help them. Sora and Riku need me." I gasped. "Sora." I whispered. I ran out the door.

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September 24th, 2008

01:14 pm
Who: Namine
What: Disembarking
When: Noonish
Where: Radiant Garden
Ineractions: Open
Warnings: None

It's a brand new dayCollapse )
Current Mood: determineddetermined

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September 22nd, 2008

01:48 am
Who: Jecht
What: Preparing for the next game
Where: Radiant Garden
When: Midday
Interaction: Open!
Warnings: None!

Yanno, its awesome being on top kidCollapse )

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12:57 am
Who: Reina
What: On the Hunt!
Where: Radiant Garden
When: Midday
Interaction: Open!
Warnings: None save for the occasional one mean hammer!

Nothing says Im prepared like a GIANT hammerCollapse )

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12:41 am - Darkened Fires
Who: Seto
What: Watching the sunrise
Where: The rocks just outside of Radiant Garden
When: Early hours of the morning... very early
Warnings: None! :3 Maybe a bit of angst....
Interactions: OPEN! :3

The suns too bright, the moons too dark...Collapse )

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