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Radiant Garden

blessed are the children of light

A post Kingdom Hearts 2 roleplay
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R a d i a n t G a r d e n :
Over 10 years ago, the Heartless erupted into the halls of Hollow Bastion, flooding it and forcing the inhabitants to scatter in hopes of finding refuge on other worlds. When the worlds were returned two years ago by the wielder of the Keyblade, all the lost people were automatically returned to Hollow Bastion, no matter where they were or what they were doing.

The people were confused at first, and a little disoriented, but all were elated to see that their home had been returned to them. But it wasn't as simple as that. They now needed a leader, someone who would help them to rebuild what they once had, and perhaps even expand upon it a little. Some resisted their new home, particularly the young ones who'd been born outside of Hollow Bastion, and therefore did not consider it to be their home the way that their parents did. It was not long however, before new leaders were selected, and the reconstruction began.

Two years later, Hollow Bastion has been renamed the Radiant Garden, and is a bustling city once again, with cobbled stone streets and wooden houses erected, there is even a main square with a large round fountain in it's center. The main body of the fountain is a statue of a goddess. Posters adorn the walls of buildings on the streets, Advertising Concerts like "The Rockin' Bard", and Events like the Triple Triad and Tetra Master tournaments. The Ice Cream store is one of the most popular places in the town, and many people come to see the reconstructed Radiant Castle.

The streets are lined with trees as well, and there is an area for shops of all sorts, including a mechanics shop where you can take things in for repairs. Machines and electricity are developing slower than most other things however, so there aren't very many objects that are like that, because the town is so small that you can pretty much walk wherever you need to go, and the only other things really are things like toasters and ovens.

One of the first things built was a kind of mini-colosseum, where the soldiers of the kingdom can train and hold exhibition matches, and just last year, construction began on a new feature, a Blitzball Stadium, so that people will have more things to entertain themselves with.

As it stands, Hollow Bastion at the moment is a peaceful place, but there may be something to change that soon, so the Castle has people employed as guards, ready and waiting to fend off attack should the heartless return, or anyone else come to threaten what they've worked so hard to rebuild.

In the year that has followed since the appearance of the nobodies, the caretakers of the now renamed Radiant Gardens have been improving the security system and making it more effective, while there is a kind of peace here, the Heartless and the Nobodies are no where close to being extinguished, such is their numbers. But life continues.

T h e W o r l d A t L a r g e :
Since the defeat of Xemnas however, the worlds have remained open, and now there is a public transportation system being developed, to allow people visitation between worlds. New discoveries in the nature of the connections between the worlds have allowed those possesing transports (like ships, gummi or otherwise) to sail from one world to another, so many pirates have benefited by no longer being confined to one very small sea. Merchants and Businessmen have benefited from this as well however, and are now able to trade goods between worlds and bring new and exotic things to those who, for whatever reason, can't travel to those far-off destinations.

One of the more dangerous places is Castle Oblivion, now taken over by the conniving and evil Queen Maleficent, Self proclaimed Mistress of all Evil. What things could she be plotting now that she has aquired this new domain? No one knows, and no one dares to investigate either, Merchants and Most Pirates keep well away from that area of the galaxy. But there seems to be a hitch in Maleficent's plans lately, as most of the Heartless seems to be following a mysterious new master now.
The Nobodies on the other hand, seems to be attacking people at random, now that their leader is gone. They lack direction and so have become quite radical and unpredictable in their behaviour. Most of them however, seem to avoid the worlds and instead focus on the vessels traveling between them.

T h e M y s t e r i e s :
Aside from Maleficent's possible plots, and the new ruler of the Heartless, who is shrouded in secrecy, there are a few other new things making their way into the foreground that suggest another large shift in the balance of the universe is about to occur. A few Merchants have been bringing a strange new product into their markets. A blue glowing crystal they claim to have mined from Astroids and Gummi Blocks floating in space. They seem to be a kind of energy source, but no one knows what they are.
While to most they are a beautiful and rare novelty, a few of the residents of the worlds are troubled by them and their mysterious appearance and nature.

1) Show respect for your fellow members and you moderators. We're all here to have fun.

2) No one has any godlike powers. Just use common sense when rping.

3) Hentai, yuri, and yaoi are permitted. But be discreet about it and slap that stuff behind an lj-cut and a fair warning. If you have no idea what an lj-cut is, feel free to ask one of the moderators for some assistance. That's what we're here for.

5) Any final fantasy character you want to play going through Final fantasy 4 down to Final Fantasy X-2 is allowed. However, Final Fantasy Tactics and the like are not.

6) Please be an active member of the community if you're thinking of joining. If you do not post within 7 days from joining, you will be warned. From there you have another four days to post or comment, and if not, you lose your character. If you are leaving an extended period of time, please leave a post in the community or contact a moderator.

7) You must be at least 15 years old in order to join this community as it might involve adult situations.

8) No more than two (2) characters per person. If you know you can handle more, let a moderator know and it will be considered.

9) Cussing and cursing is allowed.

10) If you've never role played, have any questions, or are having any problems with someone else. Contact a moderator asap. We're here to help.

Wondering how to apply here?

[application can be found here]

Please post all applications in the OOC [Out of Character] Community: jett_inc_ooc. Include Radiant Garden in the subject title. Also the character journal must be included in the application. Any applications posted in the rp community will asked to be moved to the OOC community.

In the memories you will be able to find the history of Radiant Garden along with character's accounts on what happened to them during the nine years that the heartless terrorized the universe.

When you make a character, please make an entry that explains where they were before the heartless attacked, during the heartless attack, and anything else you would like to include. Almost like an interview.

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